The Convenience of Ignorance(2006)
This piece is an acoustic installation designed for the Tonspur passage in Museumsquartier, Vienna, Austria.
This composition series is based on the idea of rearranging and adapting the concept of a time-based artwork to be most compatible with the particular kind of consumer behaviour, since the target audience is predetermined and strongly linked to the intrinsic purpose of the performance venue (the passage). Derived from room acoustical aspects, the audio material consists of stagnating, middle- to low-frequent sine waves, exposing a time-invariant but location-conditioned character. Consequentially, the composed sequence of musical events is always present and just waiting to get consumed. An authentic experience however requires an arbitrary kind of movement through space, which simultaneously promotes the listener to a performer of its own, very personal variation.

So, if you are just standing in the passage and reading this note, you are residing in an endless loop and will not gain any additional aesthetic experience - compared to the actual target audience.